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Cobra Equipment - Unmatched Performance!

Quality Engineering Ensures the Performance You Need and the Cost Effectiveness You Desire!

Tired of the cost and downtime from constant maintenance of replacing sprockets, chains, bearings, motors, and the hassle of loaner equipment?

Annoyed with cleats falling off? Unable to overcome obstructions or offsets?

Go with a Cobra Crawler to experience the difference! Plug a Cobra Crawler into any multi-conductor system and watch your production, ROI, and downtime improve dramatically!

Give your operators the chance to make you look good! Provide a crawler that will inspect pipe continuously and not need hours of maintenance. Work the Cobra Crawler all day, wash it down at the end of the day and put it back to work the next day.

Sound Unbelievable?

The Cottonwood, Utah inspection crew ran its Cobra Crawler 600 miles with no major breakdowns. If your crawler does not match this performance level, an investment in a Cobra Crawler is your answer for an equally efficient and productive inspection crew.

Now is the time to purchase!

Please call Claire Hanson at 800-443-3761 to place your order today for the most productive crawler available in the Industry.

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