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Customer Testimonial: Sewer Optical Services

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1334 W. Main St.
Lebanon, IN 46052
(765) 785-0464
Fax (765)485-0790

January 31, 2007  
Dear Cobra Engineers:

We recently purchased the Cobra camera conversions per the Cobra mailing we received suggesting an upgrade from the Cobra Pan &Tilt cameras to Cobra's latest PT Zoom camera with the fixed LED lighting. Our first impression was not to spend the money as we were very happy with the current Cobra cameras. However, based on the recommendation of Alan Grant, SOS sent two cameras to be retrofitted which were returned to us recently.

The PTZ cameras went to work immediately in a 24" clay pipe and we couldn't believe the picture - it was awesome. It was so good that we ran the cleaner up the pipe to where we could see the nozzle and then measured the distance to the camera. One hundred feet in a 24" clay pipe with two (2) LEDs! We couldn't believe the lighting produced by this new pure white cold lighting technology. The lights, always at 100% brightness, are powered by the 24 Volt camera power supply at ½ amp with absolutely no heat. This is the biggest advance in camera lighting in years and any other type of lighting from our point of view is obsolete.

Thank you Cobra! We have the best video image in the industry and we will find the money to convert every one of our Cobra cameras to your new Cobra PTZ Camera.

John Flanagan