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Main Line Reel

Main Line Reel Main Line Reel

The Cobra Mainline Reel was designed for video inspection systems, it is not a grout reel that has been modified for inspection use. The pendant control and electronic interlock brake make using the Cobra Main Line Reel with your crawler extremely efficient.


All features and specifications listed are for example only and are subject to change.

Directional Arm Upgrade

For Cobra Users that have inspection requirements at an angle to the back of the van, e.g. lines in easements that cannot be accessed directly, Cobra has developed a directional arm that can be added to the Main Line Reel in a Cobra Inspection System. The cable guide at the end of the arm can be fixed at several angles allowing inspections at up to a 90° angle from the back of the inspection vehicle.

To add this upgrade to your existing Cobra Main Line Reel contact cobra with the width between the Reel frame bars.

(shown with optional tool box)

Directional Arm demo animation


Mainline Reel - front. thumbnail Mainline Reel - top. thumbnail Mainline Reel - Directional Arm. thumbnail Mainline Reel - Directional Arm. thumbnail