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Another Cobra Innovation!

Cobra's Hi Cube Van, Sprinter, and One Ton Van Extended all feature a rotating equipment rack for easy access to the electronics. Now in a smaller size to give you increased working space!

equipment rack facing forward equipment rack facing backward

Link to video of rotating equipment rack

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Read about a new approach to oufitting a TV inspection van

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Hi Cube Truck 14' Box

Hi Cube Van 14' box
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Sprinter 3500
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One Ton Van Extended

one ton van extended

The only one ton van system with a walk-through door from the control room to the equipment area... Another Cobra innovation!

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Kubota ATV

Cobra ATV Installations are designed to meet your unique "Off Road" requirements with the same functionality found in truck mounted systems.

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Our trailer mounted systems provide all the functionality of our truck mounted systems while allowing you to utilize your existing vehicles for all your inspection needs.

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Universal Portable Control Console

portable system

The Cobra Mainline Portable Inspection System is designed to operate a crawler and pan and tilt camera. It has all the features of a truck mounted unit.


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Cobra equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry and we strengthen our design and manufacture commitment by providing the best service and support possible. Our qualified technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to identify problems quickly enabling you to be working in the quickest possible time. Cobra equipment is designed to require minimal service and maximum production.


Cobra has extensive service, support and parts capabilities to ensure our customers are maximizing the earnings potential of their inspection investment. Cobra has complete customer service support, repair, maintenance and parts facility with trained, qualified technicians to meet all service requirements. An evening shift is employed to handle incoming service requirements ensuring a fast turn around time to our customer. As part of the Metropolitan Atlanta area, the Cobra main Factory Service Location is convenient to air freight, bus, or overnight parcel service.