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Cobra Crawlers Do It All with Unrivaled Power, Performance, Reduced Maintenance and Down Time Costs

Multiple crawler models are available from Cobra to inspect various sanitary and storm pipe size and condition. Combining Performance Design and Quality Engineering, the Cobra Crawler will inspect pipe continuously and not need hours of maintenance and rebuilds. Work the Cobra Crawler all day, wash it down at the end of the day and put it back to work the next day. Sound unbelievable? Many Cobra customers run their Cobra Crawler 600 miles with no major breakdowns. If your current crawler does not match this performance level, an investment in a Cobra Crawler is your answer for an equally efficient and productive inspection crew.

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C601 Bronze Six Inch Wheeled Crawler

Six inch crawler

The C601 multi conductor wheeled transporter is a compact, rugged sewer and storm sewer tractor small enough to inspect 6” relined pipe.

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C800 Steel 8 Inch Belt Drive Crawler

8 Inch Crawler

Specifically designed for the worst sanitary and storm lines, Cobra Mainline Crawlers are powerful, rugged and dependable. Features such as the belt drive system and the automatic freewheel clutch make Cobra Mainline Crawlers unique and decisively superior in performance.

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C801 Bronze 8 Inch Belt Drive Crawler

C801 Bronze 8 inch crawler

The C801 is a shorter version of our popular C800 Belt Drive Crawler. The total length is just 23.5" when using our PTZ V10 Camera.

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C805 Bronze 8 Inch Wheeled Crawler

C805 Bronze 8 inch crawler

Small enough to inspect 8” relined pipe, the C805 gives you inspection capabilities from 7" to 72".

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C500 Storm Crawler

Storm Crawler

Designed to perform in rough, rugged conditions and tough enough to handle every inspection need, the Cobra Storm Crawler is a powerful tool for inspecting pipes from 24" to 200".

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C510 Steerable Storm Crawler

Steerable Storm Crawler

Cobra Technologies introduces its powerful and unique track driven crawler designed for inspection of storm sewer pipes 12" to 120". The Cobra Steerable Storm Crawler utilizes a unique track system for larger pipe or wheels for smaller pipe inspections.

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C305 Pan, Tilt & Zoom V5

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Designed and Built to Take on the Most Rugged & Hostile Sewer Environments. It has been equiped with LED directional lighting using the latest LED Luxeon Star Illuminators. Using this lighting technology, the Cobra cameras can inspect pipe up to 72" in diameter without the need to add additional lighting for most pipe types.

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C309 Pan, Tilt & Zoom V9

PTZ V9 Camera

The Cobra PTZ V9 pan, tilt and zoom camera, designed for use with Cobra Crawlers, has all the features and functionality of our standard PTZ Camera in a smaller package.

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C310 Pan, Tilt & Zoom V10

PTZ V10 Camera

The Cobra PTZ V10 pan, tilt and zoom camera, designed for use with Cobra Crawlers, has all the features and functionality of our standard PTZ Camera in an even smaller package.

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Reel & Cable

C100 Series Main Line Reel

Main Line Reel

The Cobra Mainline Reel was designed for video inspection systems, it is not a grout reel that has been modified for inspection use. The pendant control and electronic interlock brake make using the Cobra Main Line Reel with your crawler extremely efficient.

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Cobra Multi-Conductor Cable is thin, flexible, and provides ample power to the crawler and camera to support productivity.

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Cobra has eliminated the use of the Scotch Cast in the termination of the Cable by designing a Stainless Steel Connector. Repairing or replacing Cobra terminations using the Stainless Steel Connector can be often be accomplished in a matter of 30 minutes in the field without the need to pour epoxy resins and wait 24 hours to return the equipment to work as with Scotch Cast.

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Cobra equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry and we strengthen our design and manufacture commitment by providing the best service and support possible. Our qualified technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to identify problems quickly enabling you to be working in the quickest possible time. Cobra equipment is designed to require minimal service and maximum production.


Cobra has extensive service, support and parts capabilities to ensure our customers are maximizing the earnings potential of their inspection investment. Cobra has complete customer service support, repair, maintenance and parts facility with trained, qualified technicians to meet all service requirements. An evening shift is employed to handle incoming service requirements ensuring a fast turn around time to our customer. As part of the Metropolitan Atlanta area, the Cobra main Factory Service Location is convenient to air freight, bus, or overnight parcel service.