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High Performance Six Inch Crawler

6 inch crawler 6 inch crawler

The Cobra 150 multi conductor wheeled transporter is a compact, rugged sewer and storm sewer tractor small enough to inspect 6” relined pipe. Its small, rugged design ensures its capacity to inspect pipe sizes from 6” to 24” with the addition of the various wheel sets that optimize the camera position in all pipe sizes.

The Cobra 150 transporter operates with the new Cobra Version 9 PTZ Camera having all the functionality of our current PTZ camera with our directional lighting system. The Luxeon lighting system is "cold" and will not overheat the camera module. Lights operate on the same circuit as the camera power so when the camera is powered, the lights automatically illuminate at full brightness. This approach eliminates the need for the conventional Power Control Unit. The lighting system provided by Cobra creates an unmatched video inspection quality with Cobra once again setting the standard for the industry.


All features and specifications listed are for example only and are subject to change.


Cobra 150 Crawler in 6 inch pipe. thumbnail Cobra 150 Crawler in 6 inch pipe. thumbnail Cobra 150 - 6 inch crawler. thumbnail Cobra 150 - 6 inch crawler wheel configurations. thumbnail