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CAMS - Cobra Asset Management System

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Cobra Technologies™ has introduced CAMS V10, a SQL based data management program. CAMS V10 retains all of the features from previous versions of CIMS™, adds several new features and sets the stage for future improvements.

CAMS data management software provides the User with a powerful tool, allowing fast and simple access to inspection data and video files without the need to upload the data into more complex engineering or work management programs.

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Cobra’s Development of the CAMS Program resulted from a total void of databases specifically designed for storage of video inspection data. Cobra created CAMS to provide Cities and Municipalities with comprehensive easy-to-locate inspection data for quick review without the need to utilize complex Work Management Programs. Video files linked to the data are easily accessed from CAMS, enabling remote workstations to review video files on the network.

CAMS is NASSCO PACP certified software. This feature allows CAMS Users to import data into CAMS from any PACP, LACP, MACP compliant video inspection system.

CAMS is not designed to replace existing Work Management Programs. It is meant to manage inspection data and review video and image files either in a stand-alone environment or on a network.

A Client-Server Package manages the inspection data, allowing an entire office to access the data and video from a server. The CAMS program is operating in many locations throughout the North America and the United Kingdom.

Inspections from the Cobra Data Logger in the video inspection van are transferred into CAMS electronically through a simple import process specially designed to upload the data from the field to the office. The open architecture of the CAMS database allows data to be exported in multiple formats for use in engineering programs, work management programs and GIS programs. In addition,CAMS can display and print graphical reports for use by Management.

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The Database

The CAMS V10 Data Management software can be installed as a stand-alone single user database, a shared small network data application or a client/server configuration powered by Microsoft SQL Server. The database is designed to store and manage data from pipeline inspections data collection equipment.

The software utilizes Microsoft SQL Server, a robust engine designed and optimized for use on smaller computer systems, such as a single user computer or small workgroup server.

The system software for data acquisition incorporates standardized Microsoft Database formats. Separate Client, Project and Inspection data tables allow increased scalability based upon job size. Inspection files can be exported into other database file formats or onto other computers. The Open database structure allows customization of work order headers, coding protocol and code ratings. The user may also validate any formatted file for compliancy prior to import.

Inspection Videos

The database is capable of linking MPEG compressed video collected on a video compressor installed in the truck and up to five still images per observation. MPEG video files are viewable with Windows media player thereby permitting any user with a PC to play back the video inspections from the CD/DVD/HD. The user has the option of up to 1000% increased speed playback to reduce time spent reviewing video of lines. The user can also select to view only those defects with a weighted value of 1-5 for PACP. The video playback will slow to display only those observations with a value selected. This option greatly reduces time spent in reviewing inspections.

Inspection Reports

CIMS generates pipeline inspection reports with captured images of defects or other related significant visual information. Each report may also be saved as a standard .wmf or .bmp file, which may be shared and viewed by anyone using a Windows operating system. A viewer for these files is provided and is freely distributable.

Image Capture

While reviewing inspection videos, the user has the ability to capture JPEG images and attach them to observations. Up to 5 images may be stored for each observation.

In conclusion, CAMS provides the User with a powerful tool, allowing fast and simple access to inspection data and video files without the need to upload the data into more complex engineering or work management programs.

CAMS Features

General Features

Video Player Features

Data Transfer Features

Display and Filters Features

Report Generation Features

Additional Features

All features and specifications listed are for example only and are subject to change.

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