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As data collection has become a daily part of the sewer inspection routine, every CCTV inspection software vendor with the exception of Cobra has been adapting and modifying office CCTV software database programs in an effort to collect data in the field. This has resulted in complex data collection screens being presented to the Operator.

Cobra recognizes the data collection process needs to be developed specifically to enable the User in the field to collect data without having to manage multiple screens and complex database software programs.

For more than 20 years, Cobra provided the marketplace with easy and robust platform to collect the data. Over ten years ago Cobra added a Video Compressor to allow the User to collect MPEG video with the CDL 8000. With the advent of NASSCO's PACP and LACP standard in the U.S. Cobra set about designing a new data logger to handle the complex requirements of the new data collection programs.

CDL 9000 Series main inspection screenThe Cobra Touch Pro 8 provides an intuitive means to carry out the process of the collection of data through a simple touch screen approach. Its design was accomplished with the Owner Municipality/Contractor) and User (Operator), in mind. Our objective was to provide a unique product designed to make the CCTV sewer/pipeline inspection process easier and more productive. It is like having instant access to the pages in a PACP-LACP Manual. The data is validated in the data logger and correct, eliminating costly and time consuming post processing of the collected data.

The main inspection screen has the list of defect groups listed with Touch Screen Icons. A data table allows the User to review the data collected during the inspection. For Users having reservations about the Touch Screen technology, a conventional mouse can be used to operate the program; however, it has been found to be slow and cumbersome.

CDL 9000 Series main inspection screen

Through an Industrial quality 15" Touch Screen on a Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 platform, the Cobra Touch Pro 8 is designed to collect PACP, LACP inspection data (other formats available upon request), MPEG Video files and JPEG images.

The Cobra Touch Pro 8 is PACP and LACP certified by NASSCO. Due to the large number of defect codes each with specific requirements, Cobra built in a front end validation to the PACP - LACP programs. This eliminates the need by the operator to remember the coding requirements for each of the over 200 defect codes.

Integrated into the Cobra Touch Pro 8 is a video compressor with MPEG 1, 2, 4 and H.264 capabilities. A Pause function has been added to the software allowing the user to Pause and Restart the file at any time during the inspection. Video files can be stored on a removable USB drive. A CD/DVD burner is provided for users that want to burn the video/data files o an optical disk in the field.

Optional GPS and inclinometer functions are available if required.

The Cobra Touch Pro 8 is being offered in either a 1U or 3U Industrial rack mount case.

The operator has access to a standard PC keyboard and mouse for conventional data input of Work Orders and Remarks.


All features and specifications listed are for example only and are subject to change.

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CDL main inspection screen CDL main inspection screen CDL main inspection screen CDL main inspection screen CDL main inspection screen CDL main inspection screen CDL main inspection screen CDL main inspection screen



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