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Pan Tilt & Zoom V10 Camera

pan tilt zoom camera pan tilt zoom camera

The Cobra PTZ V10 pan, tilt and zoom camera, designed for use with Cobra Crawlers, has all the features and functionality of our standard PTZ Camera in a smaller package. Using the latest Luxeon LED Illuminators, the camera can inspect pipe up to 36” in diameter without the need to add additional lighting for most pipe types. The V10 camera provides a 10:1 Optical Zoom. A 4:1 digital zoom is available, however, it is not recommended by Cobra. Digital zoom works by cropping and enlarging the image, interpolating (intelligently guessing) to create new pixels. This results in a blocky, low quality image. Many manufacturers hype digital zoom but due to the above image quality issues, Cobra believes it is not useful in the field.

The directional lighting system of the camera is "cold" and will not heat the camera module. The lights operate on the same circuit as the camera so when the camera is powered, the lights automatically illuminate at full brightness eliminating the need for the conventional Power Control Unit.


All features and specifications listed are for example only and are subject to change.


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