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C805 Wheeled Bronze 8 Inch Crawler

8 inch crawler 8 inch crawler

The C805 multi conductor wheeled transporter is a compact, rugged sewer and storm sewer tractor small enough to inspect 8” relined pipe. Its small, rugged design ensures its capacity to inspect pipe sizes from 7” to 72” with the addition of the various wheel sets and gantry that optimize the camera position in all pipe sizes.
Features such as an automatic freewheel clutch make Cobra Mainline Crawlers unique and decisively superior in performance.

Automatic Freewheel Clutch - An electric tooth clutch is connected in parallel to the Crawler motor. When voltage is applied to the motor, the clutch automatically engages. When the voltage is removed from the motor, the clutch automatically opens. Other crawlers use mechanical clutches which require the user to drive the crawler into a freewheel condition.

8 Inch Crawler with wheels for 10 inch pipe 8 Inch Crawler with wheels for 10 inch pipe


All features and specifications listed are for example only and are subject to change.