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About Us

Since it's beginning in 1991, Cobra Technologies™ set out to create a culture of service and innovation as a leading provider of pipeline video inspection equipment and data solutions. That tradition remains true to this day.

As the leader in the design and manufacture of performance-based video pipeline inspection equipment, pipeline data collection, and data management software for sanitary and storm sewers, we have a track record of success in meeting the demanding requirements of the inspection industry. We continue to harness the enormous technological advances of today enhancing our camera systems and developing digital collection systems and software for transfer to office databases for proper utilization of the collected inspection data.

Picture of CobraTouch™ data loggerCobra inspection units have been sold to municipalities, contractors and government entities for nearly 20 years. We lead the industry in providing the highest quality and most innovative systems setting the standard for excellence in equipment performance and ease of use features as well as comprehensive data collection and data management solutions. Cobra equipment will prove your inspection crews more productive and your inspection investment more profitable.

Headquartered in Smyrna, Georgia, we continue to maintain our focus on delivering products that reflect the company's exceptional engineering capabilities and real world experience while keeping pace with rapidly evolving technologies. The Company has realized exceptional growth as a result of its customer-centric philosophy and remains firmly committed to continually innovating its products in order to enhance the experience of end-users. With our expertise in data collection systems with complex embedded software, software development and hardware design we can help you meet your pipeline inspection data requirements, the critical component in the inspection process.

At Cobra Technologies™ we listen to prospective purchasers, inquiring about your inspection requirements and needs so that we may custom build a system to meet and exceed your expectations. You can be guaranteed that all our equipment is 'ready to go' on delivery.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and we look forward to talking with you for further information. Cobra welcomes the opportunity to work with you in providing the data solutions and inspection equipment required to meet your needs.